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PyOPUS library for circuit simulation and optimization

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PyOPUS library - circuit simulation and optimization in Python

PyOPUS is a Python library for interfacing with circuit simulators and generally any kind of other simulator. Currently it supports SPICE OPUS, HSPICE, and SPECTRE, but plans are in place to support other popular simulators.

The library offers a rich set of functions for analyzing the simulator output, constructiong cost functions, optimization, visualization, and parallel algorithm developement. Some of the provided optimization algorithms are also capable of running on clusters of workstations by utilizing the MPI library.

PyOPUS enables you to easily implement parallel algorithms without knowing the details of the underlying parallel computation library. The programming approach is message based. A higher-level layer with a UNIX-like spawn/join API is also available.

A rich set of visualisation features is available based on the Matplotlib library. The supplied Matplotlib wrapper is threading/multiprocessing based so all plots remain responsive while your worker thread does the computations. The graphical output can easily be exported to raster (e.g. png) or vector (e.g. eps) files for inclusion in your documents.

PyOPUS works under Windows and Linux. It requires a Python interpreter, SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, and wxPython. The library has been tested on Windows 7 (64-bit) and on AMD64 Linux (Debian Squeeze).

Where can I download it?
You can find more about PyOPUS (and also download it) at PyOPUS was tested under Linux and Windows but should be faily easy to port to other platforms.

Last update: Sep 22 2017