Source code for pyopus.simulator

**Simulator support module**

Nothing from the submodules of this module is imported into the main 
:mod:`simulator` module. The :mod:`simulator` module provides only the 
:func:`simulatorClass` function for on-demand loading of simulator classes. 
import sys, pkgutil, importlib

__all__=[ 'simulatorClass', 'simulatorModule' ]

[docs]def simulatorClass(className): """ Returns the class object of the simulator named *className*. Raises an exception if the simulator class object is not found. This function provides on-demand loading of simulator classes. To create a simulator object of the class SpiceOpus and put it in ``sim`` use:: from pyopus.simulator import simulatorClass SimClass=simulatorClass('SpiceOpus') sim=SimClass() For this function to work the simulator class must be in a module whose name is the lowercase version of the simulator class name. """ return getattr(importlib.import_module("pyopus.simulator."+className.lower()), className)
def simulatorModule(className): return importlib.import_module("pyopus.simulator."+className.lower()) def detectSimulators(): """ Detects all available simulator classes. Returns a list of tuples of the form ``(simulatorClassName, module, description)``. """ result=[] for finder, name, ispkg in pkgutil.iter_modules(__path__): # Skip binary modules prefixed with underscore if name[0]=="_": continue # Try to import try: mod=importlib.import_module("pyopus.simulator."+name) except ImportError: mod=None if mod is None: continue if not hasattr(mod, "simulatorDescription"): continue className, desc = mod.simulatorDescription result.append((className, mod, desc)) return result