Source code for pyopus.optimizer

**Optimization algorithms and test function suites module**

This module provides unconstrained and bound constrained optimization 

Nothing from the submodules of this module is imported into the main 
:mod:`optimizer` module. The :mod:`optimizer` module provides only the 
:func:`optimizerClass` function for on-demand loading of optimizer classes. 

Optimization algorithms search for the argument which results in the lowest 
possible value of the **cost function**. The search can be **constrained** 
meaning that only certain values of the argument are allowed. 

**Iteration of the optimization algorithm** is another name for the 
consecutive number of cost function evaluation. 

__all__=[ 'optimizerClass' ]

	'CoordinateSearch': 'coordinate', 
	'HookeJeeves': 'hj', 
	'NelderMead': 'nm', 
	'BoxComplex': 'boxcomplex', 
	'GRNelderMead': 'grnm', 
	'SANelderMead': 'sanm', 
	'DifferentialEvolution': 'de', 
	'ParallelSADE': 'psade', 
	'QPMADS': 'qpmads',
	# 'ParallelGeneticAlgorithm': 'pga'
A dictionary with optimizer class name for key holding the module names 
corresponding to optimizer classes. 

[docs]def optimizerClass(className): """ Returns the class object of the optimizer named *className*. Raises an exception if the optimizer class object is not found. This function provides on-demand loading of optimizer classes. To create an optimizer object of the class HookeJeeves that minimizes function ``f`` and put it in ``opt`` use:: from pyopus.optimizer import optimizerClass OptClass=optimizerClass('HookeJeeves') opt=OptClass(f) """ return __import__("pyopus.optimizer."+optimizers[className], globals(), locals(), [className]).__dict__[className]